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Eclipse 73 Door Closer

Joinery buying guide

Fit the right door closers

Door closers are a simple way to make your home or workplace safer, quieter and more energy efficient. Read our guide to find the best type for you.

Ply G/O Glazed

What are the legal requirements for a fire door?

Door closers must be fitted to any commercial fire door to control the spread of fire and smoke. Our fire door closers are tested to BS EN1154 standard and have a 10-year manufacturer guarantee.
Ply G/O Glazed

How is your door used?

Door closers specify three different levels of usage. 'Low usage' is for domestic or light commercial use, 'medium usage' is for offices or apartment blocks. 'Heavy usage' is for offices, public buildings, or department stores.
Union Retro 3 Door Closer Fixed Size 3 Silver

Closing and latching speeds

Some door closers allow you to adjust how quickly your door will close when released. It can also be set to stay open longer, allowing the elderly or disabled extra time to pass through safely.
Oak Foil 16G Glazed

Consider the type of door

A heavy door requires more force to open. Door closers come in 6 different powers, with higher powers making your door feel lighter. A minimum of 3 is generally recommended for a fire door. Ask your builder for advice.
Brass Concealed Door Closer

Prevent the spread of smoke and fire

Our door closers are designed to ensure doors remain shut when not in use and prevent fire from spreading.