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Kitchen Buying Guides

Your guide to choosing the right type of extractor

Explore our guide for extractor ideas to help you find the best extractor for your cooking style and home.

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Recirculating extractor

Recirculating extractors use a grease and carbon filter to clean the air, then reintroduce it back into your kitchen. This is great for smaller kitchens without access to an external wall. 
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Ducted extractors

Ducted extractors draw in smells, grease and smoke before transferring them outside via a pipe. This option suits larger kitchens or those located near an external wall. 

Extractor ideas

Explore some of our favourite extractor ideas to see how you can introduce one into your kitchen design.

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Complete your cooking area

Browse our full range of extractors to find ceiling, chimney and island designs to add the finishing touch to your cooking space.