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            Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

            Covering everything from popular materials to different design options, this kitchen sink buying guide explains how to choose a kitchen sink that suits your decor, family size, or lifestyle. In this kitchen buying guide, we also walk you through the different designs available and the sizes on offer, plus the different types to help you narrow your search for the right fit in your home. Once you have found the right kitchen sink, read our taps buying guide to complete your washing station.

            What kitchen sink material is easy to maintain?

            • Ceramic

              With a non-porous surface that repels bacteria, ceramic designs are hygienic. The fired-clay construction makes them sustainable and offers a timeless look.
            • Granite composite

              Built from a stone compound, granite composite builds will stand up to scratching, staining and chipping, making them easy to clean.
            • Composite

              Similar to granite composite, this style is made from quartz and acrylic. These materials offer the same easy-clean and durability benefits at an affordable price.
            • Stainless steel

              Best for small budgets, stainless steel is a readily available option. Like ceramic, this material is non-porous, making it another low-maintenance choice.

            What are the different types of sinks?

            • Belfast

              The vintage style of a Belfast sink means the entire bowl is visible, turning a functional washing area into a fashionable feature.
            • Butler

              Like the Belfast, a butler design has the whole bowl on show. It is shallower in comparison - great for smaller homes looking to harness a heritage aesthetic. 
            • Compact

              Thanks to their modest dimensions, compact bowls are the ultimate option for small washing areas, working well in kitchenettes and utilities.
            • Standard

              With a wide choice of materials and sizes, standard models have a versatile layout, making them a good all-rounder for those wanting to tailor a decor.

            What is the ideal sink size?

            The ideal sink size depends on how you plan to use it and the dimensions of your room. For example, in compact areas, there may only be room for a single bowl, while bigger layouts can accommodate double-bowl designs without compromising on counter space.

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