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Worktop ideas

New and improved laminate counters 

From concrete to marble, wood and stone effects, laminate comes in all colours and sizes. Read on to learn how we have expanded our range and upgraded its construction. You can also explore top tips on buying the right laminate work space for your home within this laminate worktops buying guide. 


Redesigned for a longer life

The construction of our new laminate counters have been improved to prevent moisture penetration and damage over time. This includes industry-leading glue which creates a stronger bond between the chipboard and the top layer to prevent peeling. A new drip seal on bullnose counters also prevents water  and steam penetrating the underside of the work space, to keep it looking newer for longer.

More styles and colours

Advances in printing technology have allowed us to develop new patterns and colours within our laminate range to make it bigger and better than before. This includes new finishes like marble and bronze effects. The process of printing also ensures a consistent and uniform pattern for a more cohesive look throughout the home. 

What are the different types of laminate counters?

With a wider choice of shades, textures, styles and profiles to choose from, it is easy to customise laminate to create a bespoke look in a home. Here we explain the different types available. 

Be bold with black

Black can add a striking shade to a contemporary design or enhance a heritage scheme. The dark tone also shows fewer marks, making it easy to keep the counter looking new for longer.

Explore black laminate worktops

Brighten with white

Choose white to create an open and inviting space inspired by a neutral colour scheme. White also lightens up a small or dark room and can be used to reduce visual clutter.

View white laminate worktops

Go urban grey

Chic and versatile, grey work surfaces are the cool, on-trend choice for interiors. Grey is available in a variety of light or dark shades, as well as popular effects like concrete and stone.

See grey laminate worktops

Get natural with oak

Great for those creating an organic theme or to introduce natural accents to a space, oak-effect laminate provides the look of natural timber without the upkeep or cost of the real thing.

Find oak laminate worktops

Slim down on size 

Giving a sleek and contemporary feel, a thin profile brings clean lines to a design scheme. It enhances a stripped-back style and reduces visual clutter in a small room. 

See thin laminate worktops

Choose chunky

Thick profiles have a solid look that complement  many different styles, especially wood-effects. Thicker counters are best used to add texture to a large space or to create a premium finish.

View thick laminate worktops

Opt for bullnose

The rounded edge of a bullnose profile offers an ergonomic design best suited to households with young children running around. It will also create a softer look within a design.

Explore bullnose laminate worktops

Square it up

Choose a square profile for a sharp, straight-edged finish that accentuates a geometric design. This look is often used in pared-back interiors that have a contemporary style.

Find square laminate worktops

Four ideas for your laminate work space

Get creative and explore the ideas below to introduce laminate to your home.

Clerkenwell Gloss Ivory Quartzstone Grey Smooth Worktop

Find the right laminate counter to tie a design together

Bring a fresh new look to a home by choosing from the vast range of colours, sizes and styles now available, including the latest stone and wood effects.