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            Kitchen Buying Guide

            Laminate Worktops Buying Guide

            Stylish, easy to install, and simple to maintain, laminate kitchen worktops are a practical and affordable choice for busy homes. Learn more about this manmade material in our laminate worktop buying guide, which covers everything you need to know to help you choose the right option for your home.

            What are the benefits of laminate worktops?

            White Mirror Chip Square Edged Worktop

            Cost effective

            Made from low-cost chipboard, laminate counters are easier to manufacture than other materials, making them readily available and inexpensive. This means they suit those on a smaller budget, or homeowners who want to save money for other features.


            Wide variety

            Thanks to advances in printing technology, laminate surfaces can re-create the look of premium materials like wood, marble, and concrete for less. They are also available in a selection of widths and lengths, achieving a custom fit in any layout.

            Ping Coombes worktops fitting 50

            Easy to install

            Laminate counters come with lots of features, like thinner edges, which reduces trimming and making them easier to fit. The compact laminate styles also have a solid core that removes the need for edging strips, saving both time and money.

            Caldeira - 148

            Low maintenance

            Featuring a tough resin top layer, laminate counters have a hardwearing surface that keeps a design looking newer for longer. The resin coating is also simple to clean with a damp cloth, making these counters a good choice for busy homes. 

            What are the different types?

            What colours are available?


            A contemporary neutral that can complement any decor, grey continues to reign as the colour of choice for interiors. Bringing cool hues to a space, it comes in a variety of finishes and this trending tone works well with black, blue, white, and cream cubpoards.

            See grey laminate worktops


            Featuring warm, rich tones, oak-effect counters are a classic option that re-create the look of wood without the upkeep of the real thing. Complementing cupboards in grey, white, cream, navy, and green, this design is great for scandi or heritage themes.

            Find oak laminate worktops


            Bold and on-trend, black creates a striking look that can elevate any design. Good for adding contrast to paler cupboards or for blending in darker layouts, this deep hue will hide scratches and fingerprints, to keep a space looking newer for longer.

            Explore black laminate worktops


            Bringing bright tones to a space, white is a safe bet that will match any colour cupboards whilst maximising natural light – great for dark or compact areas. It also has a hygienic appearance that keeps a design looking fresh with minimum effort.

            View white laminate worktops


            With a reflective surface, gloss finishes will bounce light around a room to make it appear more open  - a good addition to smaller layouts. This polished texture can also be used to lift darker cupboards, for a less intense effect and offer a contrast to matt fronts.

            See gloss laminate worktops


            Offering a light-absorbing finish, matt counters reduce visual distractions to create a serene feel – great for pared-back interiors. This texture will also minimise imperfections, offering a low-maintenance choice that complements smooth or matt cupboards. 

            View matt laminate worktops


            For a realistic touch, laminate counters that have a timber or stone pattern often come with a textured surface that replicates the feel of natural materials. This helps to create a high-end look best suited to grained cupboards or rustic settings. 

            Explore textured laminate worktops


            Smooth surfaces have a minimal look that offers a soft backdrop to other statement features, like gloss cupboards or dark fronts. This flat surface is also easier to clean, as there are no grooves where dirt can get trapped, making it hygienic. 

            Find smooth laminate worktops

            What profiles are available?

            Things to consider when planning for a new laminate worktop

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