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            Sinks Buying Guide

            In this kitchen sinks buying guide, we run through how to choose the right look and model to suit any interior style. Whether used as a striking fixture or a purely practical addition, selecting the right kind of fitting is vital for tying together a room. We also cover what you and your trade professional need to consider before choosing a sink and getting it fitted.

            What are the different materials?


            Classic in its appearance, ceramic has a timeless design that adds a handcrafted touch to any cleaning area. Made from premium fireclay, they are sustainable and will stand up to stains and scratches with ease. Thanks to a smooth and non-porous construction, it is also a hygienic option which is crucial for cleaning or when you are prepping food.

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            Granite composite

            Granite composites use a high-quality stone compound for a luxe feel and hard-wearing build. Often matt in appearance, these bowls offer a contemporary look which makes them a great addition for modern interiors. They are also resistant to scratches, stains, and heat ensuring they will be a long-lasting feature for years to come.

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            Made with a robust compound of quartz and acrylic, composite fixtures can withstand high temperatures, which is great for cooking enthusiasts and spaces in constant use. Highly durable and resistant to stains, scratches, chips, cracks and chemical damage, these models offer an affordable alternative to granite composite styles.

            Discover composite kitchen sinks

            Stainless steel

            This finish has a broader selection of styles, from classic to modern, which is why it is a firm favourite with homeowners. The silver finish is versatile as it has a neutral appearance, which makes it easy to pair with other fixings for a cohesive look. The simple design and build also make it excellent for those on a budget.

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            What are the different mount types?

            What are the different bowl sizes?

            What are the colour options?


            Black offers a striking and contemporary colour that makes for a bold feature in any room. The dark tone shows up fewer marks or stains over time, making it great for homes on the go. This also makes it an excellent finish for those who love to cook with ingredients that are prone to stains.

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            With a clean appearance, white is a versatile option that blends in with a wide variety of designs. The white hue helps brighten a room and creates a more open and inviting space. Its pure tone can also be used to punctuate bolder colour schemes to ground a design.

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            Often adopted by professional caterers, silver bowls have a timeless style that suits both contemporary and traditional schemes alike. The metallic finish is easily paired with other matching fittings for a cohesive look, while the silver hue will stand the test of time.

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            Offering a neutral palette, grey is a popular choice for homeowners looking to achieve a subtle and sophisticated area. Frequently used to soften a dark colour, it can also be paired with paler tones for a muted and airy look that adds a touch of class to any layout.

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            Planning considerations

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