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Kitchen buying guides

Your guide to buying the right type of kitchen sink

Explore our kitchen sink buying guide and kitchen sink ideas to know which type of sink will best suit your home and lifestyle.

Lamona Easton 1.5 bowl sink

Inset sinks

This kitchen sink design fits flush to your worktop and often comes with a drainer and in-built tap holes. Your builder can fit this type of kitchen sink with laminate and solid worktops.

Undermount sinks

This type of kitchen sink sits beneath your worktop creating a streamlined look in your kitchen. It can only be fitted with a solid worktop and taps are installed separately by your builder.

Customise your sink

Here are some of our favourite kitchen sink ideas to inspire your new kitchen design. These finishing touches will make the most out of your usable space. 


Be bowled over by our sinks

Turn your kitchen sink area into a statement feature with one of our stylish sinks. From single inset bowls to double undermount sinks, find a sink that will make light work of the dishes.