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            How To Plan A Built In Wardrobe

            Whether it is somewhere to house an impressive shoe collection or simply keep clothes altogether, this guide on how to plan a built-in wardrobe offers a step-by-step guide on creating made-to-measure storage that makes the most of any layout. Secured to a wall, these options are great for transforming an alcove or recess into a useable area so a room is fully utilised. Various colours and styles allow a built-in wardrobe to be customised to personal taste, while accessories can be matched to the contents it will store, making daily routines easier. 

            Evaluate your space

            • Calculate the square footage

              Carefully assess how much space there is to play with as the stepping stone towards a new closet that will suit all your needs.
            • Consider capacity

              Carry out an honest stocktake of what you plan to store to get a rounded picture of how much storage is required.

            Understand the options available

            • Walk-in wardrobe

              Match storage with other entryways around the home by choosing a standard internal doorway that opens into the room for a walk-in wardrobe effect.
              • Compact closet

                Save valuable space when completing a closet with a bifold fixture that folds in two.
              • Slide and hide

                Create a bespoke system that fits a space exactly with a sliding, in-built design.

            Choose a sliding fixture

            • Mirrored

              Dedicate a spot for grooming or testing different outfits before the day ahead by picking a style fronted entirely by mirrors.
            • Panelled

              Choose a discreet look with a panelled design that blends into the background, making it great for shaping a restorative space. 

            Select a colour

            • White

              Open up a room with a white wardrobe, which brings longevity to a scheme and creates a bright environment.
            • Cream

              Set a snug atmosphere using a cream-coloured option that has a traditional look and timeless appeal. 
            • Grey

              Pick an integrated closet in on-trend grey and experience its tranquil properties that aid positive well-being.
            • Oak

              Add a hint of character with a wooden design, that adds rich texture without darkening or dominating a space.

            Remember to accessorise

            • Internal storage

              Provide plenty of places to fold trousers and hang jackets using internal storage solutions that make the most of all available space.
            • Lighting

              Illuminate a closet interior by having purpose-fit lighting installed, making it simpler to select clothes and shoes whatever the season.

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