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Kitchen Advice

Get better equipped on what to expect when planning and designing a home update with our kitchen advice. Taking top tips from our expert designers, and gathering insight on planning from our depot teams, you will find useful guides that cover extensions, island design, small spaces, and more - all of which will help get your project off to the best start.

Perfect your planning

Finding a place to start when updating your home can be daunting and we are here to help. Our step-by-step guide to planning a kitchen will provide you with all you need to know from initial ideas to final finishing.

See how to plan your kitchen

Get clued up on design

When it comes to designing a new space, it is important to create something functional and fashionable. So, brush up on the latest design tips in this guide to designing a kitchen.

See how to design your kitchen

Beat the budget

If you are working on a tighter budget, you can still design a kitchen that stands out. Discover how you can make big savings and still create a stylish home within our budget kitchen guide.

See how to update a kitchen on a budget

Make small mighty

All great things come in small packages and that includes your home. So, why not get creative and read our small kitchen ideas for inspiration on how to make space more valuable.

See kitchen ideas for small kitchens

Extensions explained

Get extensions sussed with this guide to extending your home, which covers design advice and planning through to top tips on how to cost up your project without breaking the bank.

Explore kitchen extension ideas

Add an island

Kitchen islands offer much more than extra space to cook and can transform a room into a multi-functional space. Explore how to add this feature to your home with our kitchen island ideas.

Explore kitchen island ideas

Kitchen diners sussed

Combining your cooking and dining space is made simple with this step-by-step guide on how to plan a kitchen diner, written by guest writer and interior blogger, Olivia Edwards-Silk.

See how to plan a kitchen diner

Lead the way on linear

Getting the linear look is easy when you know-how. So, we have created this guide which collates the best advice from our designers to help you re-create this popular style in your home.

See how to plan a linear kitchen

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