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            Product Gallery Image Guidelines

            Good composition, clearing away clutter, and great lighting are central to taking a good photo and to ensure a room or product will appear in its best light. With this guide, we offer a fool-proof recipe to creating consistent shots, so you can share your inspirational interiors in our image galleries.

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            1. Make sure it is well lit

            When taking a good photo, it is important is to ensure the product is well lit. For interiors, a well-illuminated room will make sure everything is visible, it will appear more open and inviting, and it will also show all colours and patterns as vivid as they are in real life.

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            2. Get a good angle

            A good-looking product shot should be photographed on a straight angle to ensure all aspects of the product or design are in proportion. We also recommend identifying areas of symmetry or showcasing leading lines in a design, as both are naturally easier on the eye.

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            3. Be clear with quality

            Ensure your image is taken using the best quality resolution where possible. Things to check include that all elements are in crisp focus, that the photograph is not grainy or overly filtered, and that it is also free of additional text, overlays, and graphics.

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            4. Tuck clutter away

            De-cluttering the area will ensure your room is photographed in its best light, so tuck away dirty dishes or clear away stray toys. We also recommend that kids and other family members remain out of shot to ensure the focus remains on the product.

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            5. Showcase our products

            We love to see our products in action, so where possible, we ask that the focus of your photo remains on our products rather than those from other suppliers.

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            6. Ensure good handiwork

            We work hard to ensure our products are manufactured to the highest standard, so we want to see our products fitted in the same way and in a complete state.

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            7. Use the correct tagging

            Please mention us on your Instagram post using @howdensjoinery so that we can see your image. We also recommend including a brief description of your product when loading your photo.

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            8. Keep it clean and safe

            We strive to keep our content free of personal and political agenda, so we ask that you do the same. Please ensure it is appropriate - free of language, nudity, violence, and personal data.

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