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Christmas - Night time

Christmas in the kitchen

How to get your kitchen ready for Christmas

Christmas is a time for relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family. With a lot to plan, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Follow our top tips on how to prepare your kitchen for the festive season, including decoration ideas, lighting and ensuring you are well stocked.

Stock up on cooking essentials

With plenty of home cooking and baking to plan, an important part of your Christmas preparation is to make sure you have enough of the following:

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Clean your oven and microwave

Prepare your major appliances for Christmas by giving them a good clean. Coat the inside of your oven with hot soapy water before wiping clean. Our self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens burn off grease to leave just a sprinkling of ash that can be easily swept away.
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Prepare and clear out the fridge

During Christmas your fridge tends to store an abundance of food and snacks, as well as seasonal condiments and leftovers. Prepare it by thoroughly cleaning the shelves and cold air vents, and create extra room by throwing away those old jars that have been sitting in the back unused.
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Check your appliances are up to the job

There is a lot of pressure on appliances such as dishwashers and kettles over Christmas, so make sure yours are up to the task. Our range of dishwashers includes models with rapid 30-minute programmes and space to clean up to 14 place settings, great for busy periods.

Consider adding useful accessories

If you are planning on doing lots of hosting this Christmas, think about adding some extra modern touches to make running a busy kitchen easier:

Take care of the basics

De-clutter your worktops

Create a clean cooking environment by clearing any unnecessary or rarely used items from your worktop to give you as much surface area as possible. Once your countertop is clear, give it a good clean.

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Disinfect your recycling bins

There will be a lot more food waste and rubbish to dispose of than usual in your kitchen, so take the chance to hose the recycling bins down outside and disinfect them with cleaning spray.

Stock up with food and be creative with space

The last thing you want is to run out of snacks or condiments, so stock up the larder with all the goods you need in plenty of time. Creative storage options like a pull-out larder are great space savers.

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Create a cooking schedule

Draw up a detailed schedule of all your Christmas cooking plans and coordinate it with your other festive commitments. Spread it out as much as possible to avoid over-burdening yourself.

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Fairy lights on wall cabinets 2

Light up your kitchen

Bring the spirit of Christmas into your kitchen with decorative lighting for an uplifting feel. Candles are great for the dining table, while creative bursts of fairy lights work well in shelving areas and on top of wall cabinets.
Gingerbread snowmen 1

Make some Christmas table decorations

Add some personal touches to your Christmas table by crafting items such as homemade Christmas crackers or place settings, or even baking gingerbread snowmen that make great table gifts. They bring a nostalgic feel to the room and are great for involving the kids in your Christmas preparations.
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