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Kitchen accessories

Kitchen storage ideas

Maximise every inch of kitchen space and make everyday life simpler by introducing smart kitchen storage ideas into your kitchen design.


How storage ideas can improve your space

Storage can turn a good kitchen into a great one. By adding some clever kitchen storage into your space, you can create a home for all your kitchen essentials, and make them easier to access.
Deep Internal Storage Drawer

Space-saving storage

For small kitchen storage, careful planning with your builder will ensure your compact kitchen feels less crowded while also keeping everything close at hand whenever you need it.

Cram more into your cupboards

Add kitchen storage accessories to your cabinets to make your cupboards more organised and have everything close at hand.

Built-Under Oven Housing with Shallow Storage Drawer (Greenwich Gloss Stone)

Added storage around appliances

Consider the space around your appliances for kitchen storage ideas. When planning small kitchen storage, your builder can fit plinth drawers or built-under oven housing to tuck trays out of sight.
Allendale Slate Grey Island 1_RT1

Inside the island

A hollow kitchen island can offer extra room beneath its work surface. Your builder can fit a breakfast bar with drawers for storing your dinner party tableware.

Clear away countertops

Ensure your kitchen is always ready for cooking, dining and socialising by keeping everyday clutter hidden away with clever kitchen storage.

Greenwich Gloss White Cutlery Drawer 1

Clever ways to conceal clutter

Make the most of every inch of space with our innovative storage solutions, where you can neatly organise all of your kitchen essentials to keep your work surface clutter-free.