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            Storage Heroes

            From glass-fronted dressers that showcase dishes to larder units that keep ingredients hidden away, discover how these storage heroes have used our products in their home to make the space more valuable. Gathering the best ideas from real customers, interior bloggers, and our own design team, these ideas will offer inventive ways to make the most of your layout and to create a clutter-free zone that is highly functional.

            Pave the way with cupboards

            Cupboards make up the bulk of a cooking space, and there are many ways to mix up a design to get the most out of your space. Functional internal options, such as pull-out storage will add ease to daily life, while stylish dresser units and plate racks offer a unique and decorative touch to a new room, acting as your unsung home heroes. 
            • 1. Dress up your displays

              Put a spin on a classic dresser by showcasing your most stylish crockery, just like interior blogger @littlebigbell, who lets colour shine through the painted, glass-fronted units.

            • 2. Work in wire

              An alternative to conventional drawers, wire baskets are a stylish and simple approach to storage. Great for fruit, veg, or larder items, chrome baskets will keep things fresh and organised.
            • 3. Pick plates with ease

              Make a statement with your cookware using a rack that keeps plates within arm’s reach, ready for setting the table for evening suppers or plating up your favourite brunch.
            • 4. Kit out corners

              Optimise the corner of a room with pull-out storage that makes hard-to-reach areas more accessible. This will make cupboards clutter-free while also making it safer to lift heavy items.

            Dedicate space for drawers

            When considering storage within a cooking space, it is essential to opt for different shapes, sizes, and formats to create a functional and organised environment. Opting for deep and shallow drawers creates allocated spots for crockery and cooking equipment, while internal designs keep clutter out of sight, making them a true hero for a tidy home. 
            • 1. Tuck into internal

              Create hidden compartments, just like @thehousethatjenbuilt_, with internal drawers that keep smaller items well sorted. The discreet design also contributes to a minimal look that is right on-trend. 
            • 2. Opt for under-oven

              Follow @dustsheets_and_decor’s lead by investing every inch of space with built-under-oven drawers. Great for baking trays or non-stick paper, this will store small items with ease.


            • 3. Add depth to a design

              With an increased depth, pan drawers are a sure selection for those looking to store larger pieces of crockery. They will make viewing cookware simple and make heavier items easy to reach.
            • 4. Go for clean and clutter-free

              Create a dedicated spot for household supplies with an under-sink drawer, which is placed in the prime position for easy access during speed-cleans or deep scrubs.

            Lead with larders

            Embrace the full height of a room with larder storage that offers ample space for storing dried goods, your favourite dishes, or a breakfast station with all the essentials. With custom features, such as internal drawers and door balconies, there are many ways to create a functional and organised area that will be a storage saviour in your abode.  
            • 1. Disguise behind a door

              Think outside the box with secret storage solutions that pack in organisation to optimise the space available. uses timber door balconies that are tucked behind her door fronts for a streamlined design.
            • 2. See more with swing storage

              Operating on soft-close runners, swing-forward larders are a sleek and quiet addition to a cooking zone. With plenty of room to house pasta or grains, this choice will ensure nothing is left to perish.
            • 3. Pick pull-out

              Access tins, cans, and condiments with ease by opting for pull-out tower storage. Extending items towards you makes it simple to see everything within a cupboard, making cooking a doddle.
            • 4. Define space with drawers

              While larders have plenty of storage potential, adding organisation is key. @lustliving has coordinated her look with grey internal drawers that keep her cooking essentials in order and ready for use. 

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