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Kitchen Layouts

Galley kitchen design ideas to inspire you

Discover how a galley kitchen layout can be adapted to suit your home and lifestyle. You can also explore some of our favourite galley kitchen ideas to see how this classic layout can maximise space in your kitchen.


Galley kitchen layouts explained

Galley kitchens feature a run of cabinets and worktops along at least one or two kitchen walls. Galley kitchen designs can be open at both ends connecting two rooms or even the garden.

The benefits of a galley kitchen

Galley kitchens work well in small spaces as they only require one to two metres between each side and provide ample storage. It is also easy to create a working triangle in this layout, where your sink, refrigeration and oven are within easy reach, making a busy kitchen easier to navigate.

Galley kitchen design considerations

After exploring galley kitchen designs with your builder, it is important to think about how your new kitchen will look and function.

Six galley kitchen ideas to inspire you

We have chosen six of our favourite galley kitchen ideas to get you started with your galley kitchen design.

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