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External Door Frames

Toughened to stand up to the elements, external door frames are necessary for hanging entranceways that lead outside. They are a vital part of creating secure and weatherproof entrances and exits to a property, and are made from sturdy and durable materials that are specially treated to ward off rot and deterioration for a longer life. Some options also come with a sill and weather bar included for extra protection. In addition, there are assembled and unassembled options, as well as choices on whether an entrance opens in or outwards – useful if a hallway or garden area is small. FD-certified packs are available to increase fire-safety, which include special strips that expand when heated, helping to hold off the flames and smoke of a fire for longer. Each of the door frames in the selection is ready to be painted, oiled, stained, or varnished, allowing for it to be matched or contrasted to an existing exterior. 

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