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Natural Wood Flooring

Add a premium finish and natural character to a room by choosing wood flooring. Natural timber options lend a genuine organic touch to a space, with a variety of grain patterns and shades to choose from. For example, a strand-woven design is available that offers a more textured choice for a striking feature. Regular maintenance of a natural wood floor will ensure a longer life and keep it looking its best, while it improves with age to offer a long-term investment. It can also be re-sanded and re-stained over time, making it easy to update and refresh over its lifespan. Timber flooring is a strong, durable option and comes from sustainable sources for an environmentally-friendly choice and peace of mind. Manufactured wood flooring requires less upkeep and is constructed of a layer of real wood placed above a plywood base. It still contains knots and grain variation for an authentic look, and can be restored up to three times to help the floor maintain its looks for years to come. The hardwearing and textured material prevents slips and trips, so is safe for small children and pets, while real wood comes pre-finished allowing for a faster fit.

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