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LED upgrade flexible strip lighting


Add drama to your kitchen with well-placed LED upgrade flexible strip lights.

A striking addition to any setting, co-ordinate your space by pairing the temperature of the light to your kitchen design. Natural white works well with contemporary kitchens, whilst warm white is more suited to traditional kitchens.

  • LED3902|Warm White 2m (with 50W driver)
  • LED3903|Warm White 3m (with 50W driver)
  • LED4004|Warm White 4m (with 50W driver)
  • LED4005|Warm White 5m (with 50W driver)
  • LED4006|Warm White 6m (with 50W
  • 15W driver), 15W driver)
  • LED4007|Warm White 7m (with 50W
  • LED4008|Warm White 8m (with 2 x 50W driver)
  • LED4009|Warm White 9m (with 2 x 50W driver)

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