Rise and fall manual worktop systems

The rise and fall mechanism allows worktops to be set at various heights up to 3 metres, using a mechanical handle. This includes the frame and adjustable legs and is available in 1 metre, 2 metre or 3 metre lengths. The maximum load capacity is 150kg, and this is compatible with induction, electric or ceramic hobs.  It is also compatible with sinks as long as they use the flexible plumbing kit.

1m Rise and fall worktop system ACK8510

2m Rise and fall worktop system ACK8511

3m Rise and fall worktop system ACK8512

Rise and fall handle and transmission ACK8524

- Maximum load capacity: 150kg (evenly distributed)
- Not compatible with gas hobs
- Flexible plumbing kit PLU3000 suitable for use with our single bowl sinks
- Height adjustable supporting foot for use where floor levelling is required
- A safety feature prevents movement on contact with anything below