Quartzstone White worktop

The light colour of this quartzstone white worktop can brighten up a dark kitchen, or add a sense of space to a smaller room. The speckled quartz effect is subtle yet eye catching, which is great if you are after a white worktop with a little something extra. Ask your builder to complete the look with matching breakfast bars, upstands and backboards, which are available for your builder to collect from your local depot to give your kitchen a relaxed Scandinavian feel.

3m length UK F WKP8260

2.4m breakfast bar (950mm deep) UK F WKP8285

Matching products

Jointing compound WOR9089

Upstand 3m x 70mm x 20mm P WKP8292

Backboard 3m x 600mm x 7mm UK WKP8298

Backboard 1m x 750mm x 7mm UK WKP8296