White Mirror Chip worktop

3m length UK F WKP1760

2.4m breakfast bar (950mm deep) UK F WKP1785

Matching products

Jointing compound WOR9068

Upstand 3m x 70mm x 20mm UK P WKP7492

Backboard 3m x 600mm x 7mm UK WKP7497

Backboard 1m x 700mm x 7mm UK WKP7498

1.4m Edging Strip UK WKP7494*

3m Edging Strip UK WKP7496*

5m PP Edging Strip WKP1795

* WKP7494 and WKP7496 Mirror Chip edging is NOT suitable for curves, white polypropylene mirror chip edging (Wkp1795) must be used.