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Neff Dishwashers

Dishwashers take away the chore of washing plates, cutlery and pans by efficiently cleaning them at the press of a button. They can also save valuable time spent scrubbing dishes that can otherwise be spent with family and friends making them a great addition within busy homes. A variety of fitting sizes are available to meet differing lifestyle needs and room layouts, for example a slimmer-width model will provide ample room for a couple or will best suit a compact space, whereas larger designs with 15 plate settings or more will cater for a large family or adventurous cooks. They all come with cutting-edge features designed to make life easier, such as rapid 30-minute programmes for light loads, or high-energy efficiency ratings to keep bills down by saving water and electric on every wash. Each dishwasher comes with at least a one-year guarantee - with exclusive products offering a two-year guarantee for total peace of mind that they will operate smoothly over the longer term. Some options can be concealed behind cupboard facades during installation to create a seamless design and to reduce visual clutter.

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