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4 Shelf Fridges

Fridges are an essential tool to keep food cool, fresh and crisp - preserving it before cooking and extending the time it can be kept. There are different sizes to get the best food storage for a household, whether that is catering for a large family, providing ample room for frequent entertainers, or compact models for solo homeowners and landlords fitting out rented accommodation. New advances in technology mean fridges work harder than before to save on energy and therefore to reduce household bills, as they are often kept on throughout the day. Meanwhile, added features such as smart drinks housing, configurable shelving, crispers, and clever storage by food type mean it can remain clean, organised and uncluttered - making dinnertime simpler. A number of fitting options are also available to get the best from a layout. Integrated models will fit neatly within a cupboard, and others will sit beneath a work area to maintain uninterrupted lines within a design. A variety of colours and finishes can be found to match the look of other equipment in a space.

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