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Tewkesbury Sage Green Main Set Shot


Sage Green

Make a warm and welcoming room with this solid, five-piece cabinet door in a dusky shade of green.

At 20mm thick, the quality of this door front is obvious and has a veneered centre panel. A variety of cabinet options are available, such as base units, which come in sizes up to 1000mm to create a bespoke fit in any layout.

Pick pale counters and floors to complement the soft green cabinet doors, and keep the space looking open and airy.Introduce rural charm and classic features by opting for a Butler-style washing area that will provide plenty of space for washing veg and dishes. Enhance this by choosing a faucet with ivory levers and a classic curved shape. Leave walls bared, with exposed brickwork to enhance the rural effect. Ask a builder to create custom open shelving, to create an old-style dresser for displaying favoured trinkets.

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