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Oak-trim cabinets

Inspired by Nordic interiors, choose oak-trim cabinets to create simple sophistication in a room. They can make a space feel bigger, whilst also maintaining an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Discover how to incorporate this subtle design below.

Oak Trim Integrated Handle Profile

What are oak-trim cabinets?

These are a white kitchen cabinet with an oak trim that spans the edge of the door and includes an oak feature within the integrated handle. The white and wood-grain finish creates a simple design and relaxed feel that can tie in with a number of current trends, like the Scandi look.
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What are the main benefits of oak-trim cabinets?

Available in tall, short and full-height sizes, these versatile doors can be used to create a complete kitchen look, or be mixed and matched with other styles for a bespoke design. The oak trim also creates a trendy linear look, without the extra cost or time of installing trims separately.
Oak Trim Main Set Shot

How to style oak-trim cabinets?

Pairing white kitchen cabinets with oak trims will add hints of organic character and warmth to a neutral design. These doors are also great in contemporary schemes, and introduce wood-tone features and heritage accents for a cosier feel. The design creates less visual clutter, a good choice for smaller rooms.
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What to consider when planning oak-trim kitchen doors?

Layering this style with other soft finishes will help to continue the pared-back feel in compact rooms, whilst contrasting textures and patterns will make a statement in larger spaces. Oak-trim kitchen doors can be used in a number of ways, all of which can be explored with a knowledgeable designer.
Natural oak u shape kitchen with integrated breakfast bar, black kitchen worktop and contrasting gloss white wall units.

How do they differ from oak-effect kitchen doors?

Oak-effect kitchen doors, like our Greenwich natural oak, have a wood appearance across the whole door. Whereas, oak-trim doors only use this natural pattern on the integrated handle and down the door edge, creating a clean, contemporary take on a well-loved finish.
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