Door care and information

Our range of doors have been carefully selected, offering a comprehensive choice of quality products at unbeatable prices.

Storage & handling

Once purchased, all doors should be handled and stored with care. Doors should never be stored in an area which is subject to extremes in temperature or direct sunlight. The building should be well ventilated and not recently plastered. Care should be taken in a centrally heated or air-conditioned building where moisture content could build up. When stacking doors, they should be kept flat, on at least three load bearers in order to distribute weight and remain in their packaging to prevent damage.


It is essential that doors, both internal and external, are fully sealed and any air gaps plugged immediately after delivery. Doors should be sealed and primed on both faces and all four edges.

Any surface that has been cut should be sealed prior to hanging (e.g. drilled, cut for letterboxes, hinges, locks, etc). This is particularly important when the end grain is exposed. If the door has been preservative treated, any newly exposed wood must be re-treated.

When trimming the door to size it is important that equal amounts are removed from both edges. Please refer to individual door fitting instructions for further information.


Products should be clean and dry. The instructions of the paint or stain manufacturer must be adhered to.

Failure to carry out the recommended instructions for decorating and sealing can seriously affect the performance of the door. With a little care and by using good quality decorative products, Howdens doors will serve you well for years to come.

Care & maintenance

Regular maintenance of Howdens doors should be made in accordance with stain/paint manufacturer's instructions, to prevent breakdown of the wood finish and to protect the timber from deterioration. Dusting the door (without polish) and cleaning any dirty marks with a damp (not wet) cloth will be enough to keep the door looking fresh in the interim period. Harsh chemicals or abrasive substances should not be used to clean the door.