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Terms and Conditions

Howden Joinery Ltd. reserves the right to protect its brand and visual identity. Please ensure that the following information is communicated clearly on your website.

  • No formal partnership agreement exists between you or your company and Howden Joinery Ltd.
  • Where applicable, it should be stated that the products shown have been supplied by Howden Joinery Ltd.
  • All relevant images and wording shown are subject to copyright and remain the property of Howden Joinery Ltd.

If you wish to mention Howdens, and to provide your visitors with the most up to date information about our products, please provide a link to our website

Important Information:

The company has a policy of continuous product development and reserves the right to change any products and specifications given. All copyright in the design of the Howdens website and content thereof is the property of Howden Joinery Limited. Any use of images and content contained within the website without the prior permission of Howden Joinery Limited is strictly prohibited.

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