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            Quooker is innovative and high quality to ensure daily chores are made quick and easy. Quooker taps are available in several styles and colours to ensure they can match the design of any room. They also make everyday living more accessible, whether making a hot drink or preparing veg for mealtimes. Quooker kitchen tap accessories aid several variations and functions, including accessing chilled, filtered or spring water. The system can be concealed easily behind cabinetry with a straightforward installation. These products are an excellent alternative to a traditional kettle, saving space and energy costs. There are lots of functions available with some products that can assist in extending the lifespan and quality of the water produced.

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            Quooker front tap in black
            Introducing the newest Quooker tap - Front

            Quooker's latest tap is called Front. A modern design that shines in its simplicity, but meanwhile can do it all: cold, hot, 100°C boiling, chilled and sparkling water. In both stainless steel and black, the Front is a distinct appearance in the kitchen, with an updated control on the front of the spout.

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            Quooker brass taps
            Quooker brass taps

            Create a statement with this brass finish, whilst oxidation over time adds a layer of Patina, which can turn the tap lighter or a darker brown.

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              What started in 1970 as a simple yet revolutionary idea by Henri Peteri , the inventor of the 100° boiling water tap, is now a daily reality for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.
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