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            Bedroom Storage Ideas

            Featuring design tips for a tidy wardrobe and a clutter-free sleeping space, these bedroom storage ideas offer plenty of inspiration for a practical makeover. Find product recommendations to boost organisation, plus creative ways to repurpose units into bespoke boudoir furniture. To understand how to store everyday essentials, like clothes or accessories, and also find stylish examples from real-life homes, to learn how to replicate each look in any layout.


            • 1. Slide for space

              Use sliding doors to neatly conceal clothes and other clutter while making the most of the available floor space, as @jacperry has done in their design.
            • 2. Go bespoke

              Mix and match units from our fitted bedroom collection to create a custom setup that maximises space and suits your lifestyle.
            • 3. Make a statement

              Design a decadent bedroom by going for dark hues for your wardrobes. Our navy styles create a cocooning effect that's easier to sleep in. 
            • 4. Double up

              Make bedroom storage multifunctional with a full-length mirror and wardrobe door in one – freeing up valuable floor space in smaller rooms.
            • 5. Declutter with drawers

              Speed up morning routines by storing favourites, like jewellery and perfume, in handy drawers to ensure these essentials are always at hand.
            • 6. Store in a small room

              Add easy-to-open bi-fold fronts to a built-in closet for a slimline storage solution that fits into a compact bedroom layout with a limited footprint.
            • 7. Build bedside storage

              Store sleep essentials, like alarm clocks, books, and chargers, nearby with bedside tables. Adding one on either side of a bed is also a great way to balance a design.
            • 8. Try trouser rails

              Keep legwear organised by using pull-out trouser rails. They also reduce the need for bulky hangers, creating a clutter-free look that makes it easy to find items.
            • 9. Focus on family

              Follow @our_northumbrian_homes' lead and introduce larder units to utilise the full height of a bedroom, handy for stashing away children's toys
            • 10. Showcase style

              Showcase favourite footwear with oak shelving. The angled design makes it easy to see a collection at a glance, while the timber tone adds natural charm.

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