How to choose appliances for your traditional kitchen

Learn how to integrate modern appliances into a traditional kitchen.

Appliances are the powerhouse of any kitchen, and have always been a functional focus. Discover these tips on choosing the right appliances for a traditional kitchen.

Hide your kitchen appliances

When designing a traditional kitchen, many people ask their builder how to hide their kitchen appliances, as modern-looking electricals on display could get in the way of the theme. The great news is, by tucking your appliances away, you can benefit from all the functions of a modern kitchen while maintaining a traditional design.

Integrated state-of-the-art electricals make it possible to enjoy energy-efficient fridges, dishwashers and washing machines without losing any period appeal. Speak to your builder about what could work for your space.

Sit your extractor within your original chimney space

Efficient extractor fans are more important than ever in an open-plan kitchen, so that any cooking smells can be removed quickly. To maintain the traditional theme, opt for a canopy model with a fascia that matches the rest of your cabinetry, or if possible, position your cooker so you can hide an extractor fan in the original chimney space.

Always compare noise levels as well as efficiency when making your choice, so you can unwind in your open plan space without the extractor making too much noise.

What kitchen appliances do I need for a traditional kitchen?

Here are just a few suggestions. Speak to your builder about what else could work for your space.

The traditional-style oven

Range cookers are the obvious choice for a traditionally styled kitchen. Available with two, three or four ovens, their imposing size suggests a home where there is a real love of food. Classic cast iron ranges, available in colours from British racing green to duck egg blue, are synonymous with a cosy country kitchen, but a contemporary stainless steel model can prove more versatile if you do a lot of cooking on the hob, offering up to six gas burners.

The retro fridge

Traditional kitchens are in luck when it comes to fridges, as there are several retro models to choose from. Not only are they functional, but they are a real conversation starter. Subtle curves and practical design evoke 1950s styling, and are a world away from a stark futuristic look.

The baking appliances

Emphasise the vintage theme with a food processor in an ice-cream shade that matches your fridge – you will never want to hide it away! Several kitchen appliances for baking feature traditional styles and patterns that will slot nicely into your homely space.