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            This Cookie Notice explains how we use “cookies” and similar technologies (such as “web beacons,” “pixels” or “tags”) on the Howdens website at (“Site”), on the Howdens mobile application (“App”) and in our emails. It is designed to assist you in making informed decisions when using our Site, our App and interacting with our communications. Please take a moment to read and understand this Cookie Notice. This Cookie Notice should also be read in conjunction with our Privacy Notice , which explains how we process your personal data. You can manage your cookie preferences here.

            Cookies are small text files or pieces of code that are placed on your computer or other device by websites and apps that you use, if you agree. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the website.

            When you visit a website or use a mobile application, a computer asks your computer or mobile device for permission to store this file on your computer or mobile device and access information from it. Information gathered through cookies and similar technologies (such as web “beacons”, “pixels” or “tags”) may include the date and time of visits and how you are using the particular website or mobile application.

            We may also track your activity on our App through Software Development Kits (“SDKs”), which are blocks of code embedded in our App. SDKs help us and our partners understand how you interact with our App and to collect certain information about the device and network you use to access our App. We use Firebase SDKs to analyse App use and to help debug crashes. We use Facebook SDKs to track install events in order to measure the effectiveness of our advertising on Facebook. 

            We use Google Analytics to help debug crashes and analyse activity across our Site and App to help us understand Site and App traffic patterns and measure the effectiveness and success of our Site and App functionality, advertising campaigns, and other offerings on our Site and App. We may match the data we capture through cookies with data we already hold about you to better understand you. This helps us to continually improve the relevance of our promotional communications, your online experience and our products and services. Data passed to Google Analytics is anonymous. You can also find out about other Google Analytics functions below.


            For the purposes of the remainder of this Cookie Notice, we refer to cookies and the other technologies described above as “cookies”.

            We use first and third party cookies. First party cookies are cookies placed by us. Third party cookies are placed by third parties. Information collected by third party cookies will be shared with the relevant third party. Please refer to the relevant third party website operator’s privacy notice for more information about how they may use such information.

            All cookies have expiration dates that determine how long they stay in your browser. The lifespan of a cookie depends on its purpose and how you interact with it.
            Session Cookies – these are temporary cookies that are placed when you start your browsing session and expire (and are automatically erased) whenever you close your browser.
            Persistent Cookies – these have expiration dates that vary from cookie to cookie, depending on their individual nature, and will stay in your browser (even after you close your browser) until they expire, or until you manually delete them.

            Essential Cookies – We do not need your consent to store and access essential (or “strictly necessary”) cookies on your device, although you can still delete them (see “Refusing, blocking and deleting cookies” below).
            Non-essential Cookies – We may only store and access non-essential cookies on your device with your permission. You are not obliged to give consent to our use of non-essential cookies. Further, if you give your consent and then change your mind you can block or delete them (see “Refusing, blocking and deleting cookies” below).

            There are various ways that you can manage your cookie preferences, but in order to use some parts of our Site you will need to allow certain essential or functional cookies. If you block or subsequently delete those cookies, some aspects of our Site may not work as intended and you may not be able to access all or part of our Site.

            Your options for managing your cookie preferences are set out below:

            Through the Cookie Preference Centre on our Site

            When you access our Site, we will ask you to provide consent for our use of non-essential cookies. We may repeat this request on subsequent visits to our Site, for example if you delete cookies from your browser or we need to request new consents from you. When we seek your consent, you will either be able to provide consent for all non-essential cookies that we would like to use, or you can tailor your cookie preferences (provide consent for some but not all non-essential cookies) using our Preference Centre . You can also change your preferences and/or withdraw consent at any time by visiting our Preference Centre . Just as a reminder, where cookies are essential to the operation of our Site, we can use these without your consent and they cannot be managed using our Preference Centre .

            Using your browser settings or other tools

            You can block the use of cookies generally (not just in respect of our Site) by activating the relevant settings in your browser. For more information on cookie management and blocking or deleting cookies for a wide variety of browsers, visit All About Cookies .

            Further, if you do not want to be tracked by Google Analytics, you can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on (but this will only work on certain browsers). For further information on Google Analytics and its use of cookies, please consult the Google Analytics Cookie Notice, which you can find on Google’s website.

            Separately to our use of Google Analytics cookies, when you access the Site via Google applications such as Google Chrome, Google may collect user information for the purpose of Google serving personalised advertising across your devices. Google is able to place these advertising cookies on the devices used by visitors to the Site because we use Google services to run the Site. However, these cookies are dropped for Google’s own purposes and as such we do not have any control over how or when they are dropped. You will need to opt out of receiving these cookies via your Google settings. You can find further information about these cookies on Google’s website, by visiting Please note that other browsers may use similar tools.

            Please note that any emails you receive from us may contain cookies or similar technologies to help us to see if recipients have opened an email and understand how recipients have interacted with it. Once you click on an email that contains a cookie, your contact information may subsequently be cross-referenced to the source email and/or the relevant cookie. If you have enabled images, cookies may be set on your computer or mobile device. Cookies will also be set if you click on any link within the email.
            If you do not wish to accept cookies from any one of our emails, simply close the email before downloading any images or clicking on any links. You can also set your browser to restrict cookies or to reject them entirely. These settings will apply to all cookies whether included on websites or in emails.
            In some instances, depending on your email or browser settings, cookies in an email may be automatically accepted (for example, when you've added an email address to your address book or safe senders list). Please refer to your email browser or device instructions for more information on this.

            We may update our Cookie Notice from time to time. This might be for a number of reasons, such as to reflect a change in the law or to accommodate a change in our business practices and the way we use cookies. We recommend that you check here periodically for any changes to our Cookie Notice.

            Version: 3.4
            Last Updated: 12 January 2024

            The table below sets out more information about the individual cookies we may use on our website and the purposes for which they are used:

            Essential Cookies
            Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used Duration
   OptanonAlertBoxClosed , OptanonConsent First Party 365 Days, 365 Days
   laravel_session First Party A few seconds
   gmid , hasGmid , ucid First Party 365 Days, 182 Days, 365 Days
   _cq_duid , _cq_suid , _gig_lt , _gigRefUid_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n , ASP.NET_SessionId , Basket , BPSTransactionNumber , gac_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n , gig_bootstrap_3_ , gig_bootstrap_4_6gStdIgctytcyOWv2OHE1g , gig_bootstrap_4_XFzapfxXUAyHUW2CED71Mw , gig_toggles , glt_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n , gltexp_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n , Oaa_UserState First Party 90 Days, Session, A few seconds, A few seconds, Session, Session, Session, A few seconds, 365 Days, 364 Days, 364 Days, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, Session
   .ASPXAUTH , __pr_AB_testing , _cq_check , BNES_CountryContext , BNES_gig_bootstrap_3_UTgNeLgp_J6glR0GtFbCzq6jhQff9VD32JLOnRUG10oFJDjDLq-IWK5jOiJxakF1 , BNES_gig_bootstrap_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n , BNES_gig_canary , BNES_gig_canary_ver , BNES_glt_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n , BNES_gmid , BNES_howdenstrade#lang , BNES_kdp_data , BNES_OptanonAlertBoxClosed , BNES_OptanonConsent , BNES_RT , BNES_SameSite , BNES_shell#lang , BNI_persistence , CountryContext , gig_canary , gig_canary_ver , howdenstrade#lang , kdp_data , Persona , SameSite , SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE , session_layout , shell#lang , userState , x-bni-fpc , x-bni-rncf First Party Session, A few seconds, Session, 364 Days, 5339 Days, 5551 Days, 5458 Days, 5458 Days, 5530 Days, 5531 Days, Session, 5086 Days, 5390 Days, 5390 Days, 4952 Days, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, 364 Days, Session, Session, Session, Session, 1 Year, A few seconds, 3650 Days, Session, Session, Session, Session, Session
   .AspNetCore.Antiforgery.yMFOR3iWVPA , BNES_.AspNetCore.Antiforgery.yMFOR3iWVPA , tms_VisitorID , tms_wsip First Party Session, Session, 560 Days, A few seconds
   _cq_check Third Party Session
   __cfduid Third Party 30 Days
   __cfduid Third Party 30 Days
   cookies.js Third Party Session
   AWSELB, AWSELBCORS Third Party Session, Session
   _cs_c, _cs_id, _cs_s, _cs_same_site, _gig_lt, _gigRefUid_3_, _gigRefUid_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n, gac_3_, gac_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n, gig_toggles, glt_3_, glt_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n, gltexp_3_, gltexp_3_XXrK8xSmwtJ8Hx3uKzrn2dkBwAP42rA9KomrjzHbLHtdgH2YALyOkoCgaqnCWs3n Third Party A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds
   AWSELB, AWSELBCORS Third Party A few seconds, A few seconds
            Analytics/Performance Cookies
            Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used Duration
   ai_user First Party 365 Days
   _cs_t First Party Session
   _cq_check , ADRUM_BT1 , ADRUM_BTa , ADRUM_BTs , BNES__clck , BNES__clsk , BNES__cs_c , BNES__cs_id , BNES__cs_mk , BNES__cs_root-domain , BNES__cs_s , BNES__cs_same_site , BNES__ga , BNES__ga_LVM963RWMB , BNES__gaexp , BNES__gat , BNES__gcl_au , BNES_crl8.fpcuid , el3.gif , RT First Party Session, A few seconds, A few seconds, 2914197 Days, 5087 Days, 5087 Days, 5458 Days, 5458 Days, 5458 Days, 5459 Days, 5458 Days, 5459 Days, 4952 Days, 5544 Days, 4607 Days, 5551 Days, 5551 Days, 4607 Days, 1 Year, 6 Days
   _clck , _clsk , _cs_c , _cs_id , _cs_mk , _cs_root-domain , _cs_s , _ga , _ga_LVM963RWMB , _ga_xxxxxxxxxx , _gaexp , _gat , _gat_UA-1616399-1 , _gclxxxx , _gid , ADRUM , BVBRANDID , BVImplmain_site , crl8.fpcuid First Party 364 Days, A few seconds, 396 Days, 396 Days, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, 730 Days, 730 Days, 729 Days, 82 Days, A few seconds, A few seconds, 90 Days, 1 Day, Session, Session, Session, 364 Days
   __utma , __utmb , __utmc , __utmt , __utmz , _cs_same_site , _utmv######### , tms_VisitorID , tms_wsip First Party 730 Days, A few seconds, Session, A few seconds, 183 Days, Session, A few seconds, 559 Days, A few seconds
   ADRUM, ADRUM_BT1, ADRUM_BTa Third Party A few seconds, A few seconds, A few seconds
   tms_VisitorID, tms_wsip Third Party 559 Days, A few seconds
   _splunk_rum_sid Third Party A few seconds
   _clck, _clsk Third Party 361 Days, 361 Days
   cg_uuid Third Party 335 Days
   _cs_c, _cs_id, _cs_s, _cs_same_site Third Party 364 Days, 364 Days, 364 Days, Session
   _cq_check Third Party Session
            Functionality Cookies
            Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used Duration
   cookies.js First Party Session
   _gd############# , keepMeSignedIn , optimizelyDomainTestCookie , optimizelyEndUserId , optimizelyOptOut , softLoginState First Party Session, 6 Months, 180 Days, 180 Days, 365 Days, 30 Days
   __olapicU , BNES___olapicU , BNES_cookies.js , BNES_hpr3 , EL_PREF , elPref , hpr3 , mpel__init First Party 5551 Days, 5551 Days, 5079 Days, 5551 Days, 1 Year, 1 Year, 365 Days, 1 Year
   hpr3 Third Party 365 Days
   optimizelyRumLB Third Party Session
   mpel__init Third Party 364 Days
   __cf_bm Third Party A few seconds
   __olapicU, __pr_AB_testing Third Party 30 Days, A few seconds
   ep201 Third Party A few seconds
            Targeting Cookies
            Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used Duration
   tms_VisitorID First Party 560 Days
   _pin_unauth , _tq_id.TV-8172270918-1.3dc7 , _uetsid , _uetvid , newsPopUp , tms_ft , tms_wsip First Party 365 Days, 12 Months, 1 Day, 16 Days, Session, Session, Session
   __olapicU , BNES__pin_unauth , BNES__uetsid , BNES__uetvid , th_capi_db , th_capi_fn , th_capi_ge , th_capi_ln , th_capi_ph First Party 30 Days, 5458 Days, 5551 Days, 5551 Days, 90 Days, 90 Days, 90 Days, 90 Days, 90 Days
   __atuvc , __atuvs First Party 396 Days, A few seconds
   _GRECAPTCHA Third Party 180 Days
   dpm Third Party 6 Months
   ATN Third Party 730 Days
   _routing_id Third Party A few seconds
   CONSENT, VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, VISITOR_PRIVACY_METADATA, YSC Third Party 6163 Days, 180 Days, 179 Days, Session
   tms_VisitorID, tms_wsip Third Party 560 Days, A few seconds
   MUID Third Party 390 Days
   _pinterest_referrer, ar_debug Third Party 364 Days, 364 Days
   _mkto_trk Third Party 12 Months
   fr Third Party 90 Days
   _GRECAPTCHA, NID, OGPC Third Party 180 Days, 183 Days, Session
   demdex, dextp Third Party 6 Months, 6 Months
   Third Party Session
   loc, uvc, xtc Third Party 396 Days, 396 Days, 396 Days
   __atrfs, __atuvc, __atuvs Third Party A few seconds, 396 Days, A few seconds
   gig3pctest, gmid, hasGmid, ucid Third Party A few seconds, 365 Days, 184 Days, 365 Days
   IDE, test_cookie Third Party 390 Days, A few seconds
   _uetsid, _uetvid Third Party 1 Day, 16 Days
            Social Media Cookies
            Cookie Subgroup Cookies Cookies used Duration
   BNES__tt_enable_cookie , BNES__ttp First Party 4952 Days, 4952 Days
   _fbp , _tt_enable_cookie , _ttp First Party 90 Days, 389 Days, 389 Days
   _auth, _pinterest_sess, _routing_id, csrftoken Third Party 359 Days, 359 Days, A few seconds, 364 Days
   _pinterest_ct_ua Third Party 364 Days
   _ttp Third Party 389 Days