How to choose materials for a traditional kitchen

Keep it traditional with wood and stone.

Natural elements such as wood and stone are often key design materials in a traditional kitchen, and play a large part in determining its look. Here are some interesting ways to introduce them into your home.

1. Mix up materials

There are plenty of ways to introduce different materials into the traditional kitchen theme, from rugged flagstones or salvaged wood, to smooth marble kitchen worktops or polished floorboards. Other materials, including wicker, enamel, metal and ceramics add unique accents.

2. Tie everything together with traditional kitchen floor materials

It makes a lot of sense to work from the floor up. As the largest surface in your kitchen, it needs to tie in with everything else and create a sense of cohesion.

Underfloor heating means that stone or ceramic tiles can be a relatively cosy option, while the uneven colour and texture of natural limestone or slate makes a great standout feature.

Alternatively, use whitewash floorboards for a light-enhancing, rustic edge, or replace them with warm new wood that matches a chunky worktop.

3. Coordinate your kitchen door and traditional kitchen cabinet materials

Pale painted kitchen cabinet doors are the perfect complement to sturdy oak worktops, but if you decide on wooden cabinetry, marble offers a smart contrast. Modern laminate is also a good choice, giving a convincing imitation of solid stone both in colour and texture.