L-shaped kitchen design ideas

Explore the benefits of an L-Shaped kitchen, a versatile layout which makes great use of space.

Will an L-shaped kitchen design suit your home?

For smaller kitchens or open-plan living spaces, an L-shaped kitchen design is a great choice. Here are a few things to consider before planning your L-shaped kitchen with your builder. 

  • Think about how you use your kitchen. An L-shaped design lends itself to creating a family kitchen-diner. For couples who love to cook, the separate work zones on the two sides of the ‘L’ provide space to prepare dinner side by side.
  • Evaluate the size of your room. In more compact kitchens, an L-shaped kitchen design takes up less floor and wall space, and can be neatly fitted into one corner. In larger homes, an L-shaped kitchen with an island offers space for eating, socialising or family cooking.
  • Consider using the “working triangle”. Choosing an L-shaped kitchen layout when planning your kitchen helps you achieve the “working triangle”, with a comfortable distance between oven, sink and fridge. If you have a busy family, are less mobile, or just want everything close at hand, this practical layout will make cooking much easier.
  • Get advice from an expert. Your builder can advise on what will work in your home, helping you explore different layouts and designs. Our kitchen designers will also work alongside you and your builder to make the most of your space. 

Things to think about when designing your L-shaped kitchen

After you have explored the benefits of an L-shaped kitchen with your builder, consider how your new kitchen will look, and how it will suit your home and lifestyle. 

  • L-shaped kitchens are great space savers, with wall units providing valuable storage and helping your worktops stay clutter-free. In a compact kitchen, extra-tall wall units can accommodate more supplies in less space. 
  • Cabinet doors with a gloss finish can make your L-shaped kitchen feel light and spacious. Matt cabinet doors are a popular kitchen trend, and also easier to keep clean.
  • Neutral hues create a sense of space, with white making even small kitchens feel light and airy. Bold shades and dark greys work well in larger kitchens where a statement colour can take centre stage. 

How to customise your L-shaped kitchen design

There are many ways your builder can customise your L-shaped kitchen so it matches your needs. 

  • The corner cupboards of an L-shaped kitchen often go unused. A corner storage accessory will turn those hard-to-reach areas into a practical place to store kitchen essentials.
  • Lighting fitted beneath your wall units can eliminate shadows on your work surface, making your kitchen brighter. 
  • Keeping the walls clear of units will make a smaller L-shaped kitchen feel more spacious. Instead, ask your builder to fit custom open shelving, giving you useful storage without covering your walls. 

Five L-shaped kitchens to inspire you

We have picked four of our favourite L-shaped kitchen designs to show you some of the looks that can be achieved in an L-shaped kitchen. 

1. Together at the table

This L-shaped kitchen diner with a table in the centre is a classic kitchen layout.  As you cook, family and friends can gather at the table to chat. 

2. Island life

A larger L-shaped kitchen can be balanced with an island in the middle of the room. Adding a breakfast bar to the island creates a place for informal dinners and evening drinks.  

3. Relaxed rustic

Bespoke recessed shelves make a stylish alternative to wall units. For a relaxed, rustic look, your builder can add tongue and groove panelling to the inside of the shelving before you fill it with your favourite pots and crockery.   

4. Compact and practical 

Where space is limited, a combination of glossy cabinet doors that reflect the light and a neutral shade can make the room seem bigger. Half-height wall units offer handy storage without making the room look crowded.  

5. For creative cooking

If you are a keen chef who wants more space to get creative, place a range cooker at the heart of your L-shaped kitchen design. When combined with a large island, you will have all the room you need to cook up a feast.  

To begin making your new L-shaped kitchen a reality, get in touch with your builder. Together you can arrange a free design appointment with one of our local designers to start bringing your L-shaped kitchen design to life.