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            Beko Laundry

            Beko laundry products are a great way to make light work of chores, with various options for washing and drying from this renowned household brand. Packed with features, this selection makes everyday life more convenient. Beko washing machines provide a variety of settings to accommodate little and large loads. A selection of technology is built into the products to enhance user experience and ensure they are more sustainable. On the other hand, Beko tumble dryers dry clothes indoors, which is excellent for those without access to an outside living space or doing laundry on cold rainy days. Different colours and styles ensure any design or layout is accommodated, and each machine comes with various programmes and unique features to make doing laundry a breeze.

            Beko laundry reliability
            Beko Laundry Reliability

            Beko stress-test appliances for whatever life throws at you. Beko washing machine doors are tested 20,000 times for proven durability.

            NEW Beko Laundry Range

            Contemporary on trend new graphite laundry from Beko is packed with technology to make washing and drying easier and each model is designed to fit seamlessly in any room.

            Beko laundry technologies

            Beko technologies -  Aquatech


            AquaTech delivers up to 50% faster washes that are also up to 50% more gentle. Water and detergent cascade in from the top of the drum resulting in a kinder wash for your clothes.

            Beko Technologies -  Heatpump

            Heat Pump

            Using hot air to dry clothes, heat pump technology helps condense the water to a separate tank and then the air is recycled and re-used until clothes are completely dry.

            Beko Technologies -  Ironfinish

            IRON Finish

            IRON Finish technology means clothes can conveniently be taken out of the dryer and be worn straight away. Making it easier to save time and always clothes always look freshly ironed.

            Beko Technologies -  UltraFast


            It's easy to save time with Beko, UltraFast technology. UltraFast can be utilised to wash and dry a mid-size load within 3 hours. Getting perfect results every time.

            • Beko history

              As well as being the leading home appliance brand in the UK, Beko are part of Arçelik, a Turkish company who are one of the largest household appliance manufacturers in Europe.
              • Sustainability

              • Innovation & technology