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            Beko Refrigeration

            Whether keeping chilled items at their best or storing frozen food for longer, this collection of Beko refrigeration is an excellent addition to any home. With split storage sections for fresh meals and space for frozen products, Beko fridge freezers offer plenty of room in a single unit to cover any food storage needs and are an excellent option for compact living spaces. These models have several valuable features that make life easier, from organisation to high-tech functions. Alternatively, Beko fridges provide a large capacity for safely storing cold and fresh products in a more dedicated chilling space. All have several storage sections with allocated space for appropriately storing frequently used ingredients, keeping them at their freshest for longer.

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            Beko refrigeration reliability
            Beko Refrigeration Realiability

            Beko stress-test appliances for whatever life throws at you. Beko fridge freezer doors are tested 300,000 times for proven durability.

            NEW Beko Refrigeration Range

            Make a statement with new Graphite fridge freezers allow plenty of space for fresh and frozen goods, with the option to seamlessly fit anywhere in the layout.


            Beko refrigeration technologies

            Beko Technologies -  Harvestfresh


            HarvestFresh™ technology preserves vitamin content in fruit and vegetables for longer. Using innovative 3 colour light technology to cleverly mimic the sun's natural 24-hour cycle.

            Beko Technologies -  Neofrost


            Dual cooling Technology The Fridge and freezer compartments work separately to create two very different environments for cooling and freezing your food in the optimum conditions.

            Beko Technologies - Activefresh

            Active Fresh

            Blue light technology protects the Vitamin C content in fresh fruit and vegetables. Improves fruits and vegetables’ preservation by up to 30%, which also helps lower food waste.

            Beko Technologies - Multi-zone


            MultiZone allows flexibility, as compartments can become a fridge or freezer at the touch of a button. Making it easy to prepare for any event or season.

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