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            Screws are used to fasten textures and materials, most commonly wood, metal or plastic, or position an object in the desired place. Made of hardwearing materials, they are designed with a ridge-like thread pattern that, when turned, cuts and digs into a surface to grip the materials together and forge a tight bond for long-lasting use. Screws are a vital item in any kit, and woodscrews are a general-purpose option with their strong fixing qualities, suitable for small or large projects. Many more types are produced for different jobs and bind all kinds of textures together, such as concrete screws, which are essential for masonry projects. Some screw designs come with a countersunk head which helps to reduce splitting, while others are made with an innovative self-drilling thread that requires no pilot hole - making installation quicker and easier. A choice of finishes is available, with some featuring a wax-lubricated coating to reduce torque and driving resistance during fitting. This extensive selection of screws is supplied by top manufacturing brands and provides plenty of choice for any job across domestic, commercial or engineering locations.

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