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            How To Buy

            It is important to know how to buy from us as we only sell to the trade, so a builder is essential to purchase our products. Using a tradesperson will ensure everything is fitted as expected, with the added confidence that a design is built to last. With more than 800 depots nationwide, we are always nearby. While we don't directly recommend tradespeople, our friendly depot staff can help you locate a professional in the area.

            • Get a builder on board 

              We only sell to the trade as they have the know-how to fit our products to a high standard, so you will need a builder to buy from us. Although we don't directly recommend tradespeople, we can help you find one if you need help.
            • Choose your products

              It is good to know what you want before progressing to design. With more than 100 kitchens to choose from, plus thousands of products to complete the look, you will find a design that suits your space and budget in our collection.
            • Design your kitchen

              Armed with ideas, you or your trade professional can book a free design appointment with one of our expert designers, either online or in-store, to progress your project with confidence.
            • Get it installed

              Once the design is complete, your products will be available from local stock, so a project can start without delay. This also means that if products need to be changed, we can do this quickly as part of our aftersales service.