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            Our ratings and reviews platform allows you to give us honest feedback on products bought from us. Confidence is key when making sure products are right for the job at hand - and that is why this easy-to-use feature is getting added to Whether left directly on a product page or after we contact you via email, you can provide us with your opinion on the products after buying from us. As well as an overall score, each review has product-specific ratings such as quality or ease of fitting. By avoiding generic notes and drilling into the details, you have the opportunity to leave unique, detailed, and informed reviews. Read on for more information on our ratings and reviews tool, with information on getting started and advice on how to write great review.


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              How to leave a review?

              After placing your order online or in depot, you will be able to leave reviews via your online trade account. Alternatively, navigate to the product page and enter your review, provide a score, and add a description.
            • How to leave a Howdens review.

              What does a good review look like?

              Be direct and keep your fellow trade pro in mind. Explain how you used the product, if it was up to the task, and whether it was easy to install. Most importantly, tell us if you would buy it again. 
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              Why you can trust our reviews

              Our reviews are facilitated by an independent partner, Bazaarvoice, who work with more than 12,000 UK brands. This means reviews are never deleted or edited, and you can trust we will publish all fair reviews.
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              How to get a review approved

              As well as leaving helpful feedback for your fellow trade professionals, your review needs to meet set criteria for approval. Keep the content relevant, avoid price, and make sure it is fair and impartial.
            A £50 Amazon voucher as a Review & Win prize
            Review & Win

            A good review allows other trade professionals and their customers to make an informed decision about their purchase. By leaving a review, you can also enter our Review & Win Prize Draw for a chance to win a £50 Gift Card. 

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            Review & Win

            A quality review helps trade professionals and homeowners alike. If we contact you to leave a review, you will also be entered into our weekly Review & Win Prize Draw. A reviewer will be picked at random to win an Amazon voucher worth £50. 

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