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            Room Dividers Buying Guide

            Whether crafting an open space for cooking and entertaining or partitioning a working area in a multi-functional home – this room dividers buying guide explains how to use these nifty fixtures to divide a room for many uses. Covering everything you need to know about these systems, how to fit them, and the best way to make space more valuable, this guide can help you create a bespoke and flexible interior.

            Understanding room dividers

            • What are room dividers?

              Designed to separate rooms or open-up large areas, room dividers make space more functional for modern living by creating a flexible partition across a room.
            • How are they fitted?

              Using a track fitted to the top of the doorway, these fixtures allow many internal doors to be fitted together to bridge the gap between two walls.
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            What are the benefits?

            • Flexible

              Easily adapted to any room size, shape and layout, they make a home more functional and flexible.
            • Private

              With dividers, areas can be closed off for a quiet work area for added privacy or expanded when socialising. 
            • Fast to fit

              These dividers can be fitted quickly to new or existing doorways and save on structural changes.
            • Configurable

              Dividers can be adapted to suit any decor as they are  compatible with many internal doors in our collection.

            Planning considerations

            • Match door  designs

              Identical panels can be used for standard and dividing doorways, coordinating a design throughout a home.
            • Choose the right setup

              From three to six panel setups, different configurations can be used to bridge the gap between walls.
            • Improve accessibility 

              Without a track, these dividers prevent trip hazards and improve accessibility - great for multi-generational homes. 
            • Coordinate handles

              You can use numerous handle and hinge fittings from our collection to create a cohesive look with other features.

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