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            Fire Door Safety Guide

            More than 45,000 fires in homes and buildings break out every year (source: Read our guide for advice on how to protect your home or business from the spread of fire and how to conform to UK fire-safety standards.

            Where to use in residential properties

            Where to use in commercial properties

            Tips for buying fire doors

            Fire-rated hinges

            A minimum of three fire-rated hinges are required when fitting a fire door - all must withstand temperatures of at least 800 degrees. Its grade will also determine the weight it can support.

            View Fire Door Hinges

            Door closers

            Fire-rated closers mean a doorway will swing shut after use closing off areas in the event of a fire. They may be required in certain premises, so it is best to consult your local building control.

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            Fire door locks

            A fire-safe doorway should be fitted with locks that are compliant to BS EN 12209 standards. They must also be installed alongside intumescent paper for added protection.

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            Panic hardware packs

            In an emergency, any exits need to be obvious, as well as quick and easy to open. Additional parts can include clear signage, and fire-rated push pads that provide a quick escape in the event of a fire.

            View All Panic Hardware

            Intumescent strips

            Strips are fitted in the gaps between doors and frames, while pads protect components like hinges. They expand when exposed to heat to create a tight seal. This will help slow the spread of smoke and fire, allowing more time to evacuate.

            Browse intumescent strips


            It is critical to ensure the gap between the wall and the frame is filled and sealed with a suitable fire-resistant product. Fire rated foam is one example of a product that is suitable for filling this gap and creating a safe doorway.

            Explore fire rated foams

            Fire-rated packs

            It is important to make sure that you have all the right parts to protect against fire before installing a doorway. These combined packs contain everything from hinged fixings to lockable components for a safe and thorough fit.

            Discover fire rated hardware packs

            Alarms and detectors

            In 25% of serious fires there are no smoke detectors to raise the alarm (source:, so fitting one can make a huge difference to improve personal safety. Modern alarms and smart devices can even send mobile alerts in emergencies.

            Choose Fire, Heat and CO Alarms

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