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Fire safety advice

More than 45,000 fires in homes and buildings break out every year (source: Read our guide for advice on how to protect your home or business from the spread of fire and how to conform to UK fire-safety standards.

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What is an FD fire rating?

An FD rating indicates the length of time a product can protect against the spread of smoke and fire. Most commonly used are FD30, which protects up to 30 minutes and FD60 which provides 60 minutes of protection.

What are the different types of fire doors?

With different sizes and designs available, it is possible to protect a home whilst enhancing the interior or exterior style of the property.

Where to use a fire door in residential properties

Each year there are 614 dwelling fires per million people, so getting clued up about the right protection is essential (Source: Fire Door Safety Week). Below we explain exactly where fire-safe doors are needed, and how regulations dictate installation in residential properties. For more advice please contact your local FDIS-registered inspector through the FDIS website.

Where to use a fire door in commercial properties

Different areas within a business or office have varying fire regulations depending on the area and type of escape route needed. Here we explain what standards must be followed, and where in commercial buildings they apply.

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Commercial escapes

Multi-storey buildings must have a sufficient number of stairs and alternative escape routes to avoid people being trapped. The fire exits must also be adequately sized and signposted, to allow for a quick and easy evacuation in an emergency.


Entrance widths

An 800mm minimum door opening is required in commercial properties. For wider corridors of 1200mm or more, the gap needs to span at least 825mm. All external exits also need to have a minimum opening of 1000mm.

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To ensure an effective and consistent level of fire resistance is achieved in any given location, the ratings of all doorway components and the joining walls must match a minimum rating of FD60. This includes supporting fire-rated components.

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Ventilation and glass

A gap of up to 3mm between the door and frame is required to provide enough space for intumescent strips to expand during a fire. All glazed entrances must have safety glass fitted by a specialist to meet specification set by building control.

Tips for buying fire doors

There are many elements that need to be fitted in order to make an entrance fire safe. Here we explain the different parts you need and the regulation they must adhere to.

Fire-rated hinges

A minimum of three fire-rated hinges are required when fitting a fire door - all must withstand temperatures of at least 800 degrees. Its grade will also determine the weight it can support.

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Door closers

Fire-rated closers mean a doorway will swing shut after use closing off areas in the event of a fire. They may be required in certain premises, so it is best to consult your local building control.

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Fire door locks

A fire-safe doorway should be fitted with locks that are compliant to BS EN 12209 standards. They must also be installed alongside intumescent paper for added protection.

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Panic hardware packs

In an emergency, any exits need to be obvious, as well as quick and easy to open. Additional parts can include clear signage, and fire-rated push pads that provide a quick escape in the event of a fire.

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Essential reading and downloads

There is a lot of information and statistics around property fires, not to mention the legislation in commercial buildings. It can be a little overwhelming, so we have pulled together easy-to-follow information, from assessment guides to downloadable checklists.


Find the right fire door

Stop the spread of fire and smoke selection of safety doors available in different styles, colours, and finishes to suit any interior.