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            Fire Door Safety Guide

            With advice on product choice to keep a property safe in an emergency, this fire door safety guide includes a wealth of information on the best ways to protect homes and businesses against smoke and flames. Also covered are the strict safety standards for commercial buildings, offering advice on how to conform – from fire door choices to planning considerations. With over 45,000 fires in homes and buildings breaking out every year, this detailed joinery buying guide is crucial for protecting your home against the spread of fire and keeping businesses prepped for emergencies.

            What is an FD fire rating?

            An FD rating indicates the length of time a product like a doorway or hardware can protect against the spread of smoke and fire. The most commonly used are FD30, which protects for up to 30 minutes and FD60, which provides 60 minutes of protection. Some ratings, like FD30S, specifically denote smoke resistance.
            • FD30

              Offering up to 30 minutes of protection against fire, FD30 panels are a common choice for domestic dwellings, thanks to the wide choice of styles.
            • FD60

              FD60 doorways are a popular choice in commercial buildings, with a simple, sturdy build that provides up to an hour of protection against fire and smoke. 
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