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            Freezer Buying Guide

            Covering everything from the different fitting types to the variety of sizes available, this freezer buying guide explores all the products on offer, making it simple for homeowners to find the right chiller for their home and lifestyle. Freezers have returned to popularity in post-pandemic Britain, as many families have started to preserve food to ensure it lasts until the next shopping trip. Here, we showcase the latest features that help reduce waste and include advice on selecting the best capacity, so it is easy to pick a model that will cater to a household’s needs.

            • Integrated

              Concealed behind a door-front, integrated chillers will create a consistent design that makes a layout look sleek, seamless, and spacious.
              • Tall

                Taller than other models, vertical chillers offer plenty of room for storing frozen food, making them a good option for large households.
              • Under counter

                With a space-saving design and modest capacity, under-counter models are a smart choice for compact layouts, couples, or those living solo.

            • Frost free

            • Fast freeze

            • Open door alarm

            • Temperature warning light

            • Star ratings

            • Transparent drawers

            • Capacity

            • Location

            • Energy efficiency

            • Ventilation

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