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            40L Pull-Out Recycling Bin

            Kitchen Buying Guide

            Kitchen Bins Buying Guide

            Whether you want to up your recycling game or ensure rubbish is tucked out of sight, this kitchen bins buying guide will help you choose the right waste storage for your home. It covers everything from easy-clean designs and space-saving sizes, to on-trend colours for a chic look. We have also included planning considerations, such as installation and layout placement, so you can pick a style that will minimise mess and maximise style in any interior.

            What are the different sizes?

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            As well as making a layout ergonomic, installing your bin in the correct location will ensure your space is simple to keep clean. Fitting your waste storage next to cooking areas is a good idea, as food scraps can be quickly disposed of during meal prep. You can also position rubbish near exit points, so there is less need to carry heavy refuge bags over long distances.

            300mm integrated recycling bin


            Before finalising your waste storage, it is important to make sure your cupboards are big enough to accommodate your chosen model. Our selection of bins come in various widths, from ultra-slim to standard sizes, to ensure you can find the best fit for your layout. The right bin size will maximise the space within a unit and hold more rubbish, so you can go longer between bin collections.



            Bins need to stand up to daily mess and wear and tear, so it important to choose materials that will provide long-lasting use. Plastic containers are durable, budget-friendly and have a non-porous surface that makes it harder for germs to grow. Meanwhile, stainless-steel bins are strong, sturdy, and even fire-resistant, making them a safe option for any home.

            85L Integrated recycling bin


            Without regular cleaning, bins can quickly become home to dirt, germs, and unpleasant smells. Frequently washing or wiping down compartments with hot water and soap will help keep grime at bay. Our cabinetry comes with an anti-bacterial coating that reduces bacteria growth over a 24 hour period, making them an easy way to maintain a hygienic area.

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