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How to plan a bathroom

As one of the most used spaces in the home, washrooms, WCs, and cloakrooms need to be planned carefully to balance both style and function. Below you will find top design tips and a step-by-step guide on how to plan a bathroom.

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Bring in the experts

Getting qualified tradespeople on board will ensure that your new design best suits your needs and a professional fit is achieved. A builder can update your room quickly, getting this important space back up and running sooner, while a designer will help you get the most from your space and budget. You will find experienced designers at every Howdens depot nationwide.

Assess your current space

Before you begin designing a new washroom, it is important to assess what you currently have to understand what works well and what can be improved upon. Here are some ideas on where to start.

Explore your cabinet options

Our cupboards are made to create a fresh, appealing and lasting look within three types of spaces within a home. Here we suggest where each cabinet option can be used.

Design considerations

Read on to discover our top tips for planning a new restroom and how you can use these features to add an on-trend focal point to your home.

Function and fashion

Essential sanitary features like toilets and basins can be tailored to achieve different looks. From contemporary styles to heritage-inspired designs, matching these items can create a co-ordinated effect that adds a professional finish to a space.

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Stylish spouts

Bathroom faucets have many different styles to choose from and are much more than a means for washing routines. Single lever designs are more compact suiting smaller spaces, while dual lever versions make a standout statement.

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Waterproof counters

In wet environments within the home, it is important to choose a work surface that can withstand damp and humid conditions. These countertops come in a variety of shades, and are fitted to create a water-resistant seal.

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Good ventilation

In steamy areas it is important to have clear ventilation to prevent damp and water ingress. Bathroom extractor fans swiftly remove steam and condensation, keeping the air free from moisture and potential mould.

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Assist mobility

For multi-generational homes, a washroom can present challenges with wet floors and slippery walls, so add accessories to enhance mobility and grip. Positioning items like grab rails within easy reach of washing areas can improve personal safety.

Smart storage

Keeping regularly used items close to hand will make the morning rush and nightly retreat simple. Wall cupboards can free up floor space and provide a place to store toiletries out of sight, while mirrored options add a place for daily grooming.

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Keep it neat

It is easy for a washroom to become cluttered with all the lotions and towels we often use in this space. Accessories that help to keep these items tucked away, like dishes, shelves and towel storage, will help to keep your space looking tidy for years to come.

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Get creative with lights

Lighting can improve the ambiance of a restroom. From ceiling fixtures to cabinet lights, there are plenty of options that can provide illumination for dark and compact areas, in finishes that complement a contemporary look.

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Create your new washroom

Discover our full selection of washrooms, WCs, and cloakrooms, from unified fitted designs to an array of modular cupboards, as well as a vast choice of accessories to tie your new space together.