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Kitchen island ideas for modern living

Whether you need more cooking space or want to create a stylish centrepiece, explore our kitchen island ideas to get inspired.


What is a kitchen island?

Placed at the centre of a kitchen layout, a kitchen island is an additional work surface which is accessible from all sides. Kitchen islands often consist of additional cabinets, drawers or shelving, offering valuable extra storage.

Is a kitchen island right for your home?

As well as offering extra work space and a place for guests to gather whilst you cook, a kitchen island can transform the look of your kitchen. To decide if an island is right for your home, consider these three things.

Designing your kitchen island

So, you and your builder agree that a kitchen island will make a great addition to your new kitchen. Next, it is important to consider how you want your island to look and function.

Customising your kitchen island

Your builder can customise your kitchen island to match your decor and enhance the way your kitchen works. Here are four ways to make your island a stylish and functional feature of your kitchen.

Four top kitchen island ideas

Explore four of our favourite kitchen island designs for inspiration when you are designing your own kitchen island.

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