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            How To Add Value To A Kitchen

            From investing in high-tech devices to switching up your handles, this guide shows how to add value to a kitchen by adding different features to make it more appealing to buyers and renters. As the hub of the home, fitted kitchens are a multi-functional area that can also be used for socialising and entertaining, making it the most important room to renovate if you want to nail a sale. So, whether you are a landlord or a private seller, this article will help ensure that your place is one of the most sought-after spaces in town.

            • 1. Stick to soft shades

              Offering a timeless choice, neutral hues, like white, ensure a cooking area spans changing trends and is easy to customise to any desired aesthetic.
            • 2. Add an island

              Create a multi-functional space by choosing an island layout, which can be used for cooking, working, or socialising and will appeal to a variety of people.
            • 3. Switch to quartz

              Ensure your interior looks good and lasts for years to come by opting for hardwearing materials, like quartz, to furnish the space.
            • 4. Swap out tiles

              Refresh a layout and reduce maintenance in one go by choosing wallboards, which are quick to install and easy for new tenants or owners to keep clean.
            • 5. Get the latest tech

              Make your space more functional with high-tech features, such as a 3-in-1 tap. This will create an interior more ergonomic and attractive to potential buyers.
            • 6. Think energy efficient

              Improve the running costs of a cooking area while lowering your carbon footprint by switching to energy-efficient devices in a layout. 
            • 7. Build in storage

              Buyers and renters are often on the lookout for more storage, so be sure to add in plenty of options, like drawers,  to drum up interest. 
            • 8. Run floors throughout

              Consistency is key to creating a spacious interior that will interest house-hunters, so try running the same floor throughout each level, for a cohesive look.
            • 9. Add lighting

              Shine a light on the best features of your layout by having illumination installed throughout a design. This can also create a more welcoming ambience in a room.
            • 10. Fix up handles

              A dated interior can put off interested parties, so try swapping out old fixtures for fashion-forward versions to create a stylish space in a quick and simple way.

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