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            How To Plan A Sustainable Kitchen

            Cooking spaces are one of the largest contributors to a home’s energy waste, so understanding how to plan a sustainable kitchen ensures families can create an eco-conscious design that lowers a home’s carbon footprint. Sustainability starts at the source, so choosing a responsible supplier is important, so furniture can have little to no carbon footprint before its even installed. Once made sustainably, the right products can improve the green credentials of a home, so we have gathered insight on the fixtures that will create a sustainable kitchen.

            • What is a sustainable kitchen?

              A sustainable kitchen is designed to lower carbon footprint by using ethically-sourced materials, from responsible companies, and efficient equipment.
            • Is sustainable living important?

              Yes. Climate change is a growing concern globally, nationally, and locally. Embracing sustainable living ensures future generations can enjoy life on Earth.

            Ethically-sourced materials that are built and designed to stand the test of time are key ways to create a sustainable kitchen.
            • Find sustainable furniture

              Boost sustainability with units that are built to last. Our cupboards have a 25-year guarantee, and more than 90% of the material used is recyclable.
            • Futureproof floorplans

              Building layouts with longevity in mind will minimise replacements. Our designers can plan interiors that will work with your lifestyle for many years. 

            • Go natural

              Embrace renewable timber for an eco-conscious counter. Solid-wood improves sustainability, and it can be oiled or varnished to keep it looking new.
            • Harness hardwearing

              Quartz is a long-lasting surface as it is scratch, stain, and heat resistant. It is also non-porous, making cleaning easy without harsh chemicals – better for the planet.

            • Water-saving features

              Many machines, including dishwashers, make light work of chores, while conserving water and energy used for heating through eco cycles.
            • Switch to clean energy

              Compared to gas, electric is a cleaner energy, which can be renewable too, so switch to electric stoves to reduce the impact on the environment.
            • Embrace efficient models

              Look for equipment that is energy-efficient to cut down a home’s carbon footprint. Keeping things cool means 24/7 use, making refrigerators a great place to start.
            • Kick the kettle

              Ditch power-hungry kit, like a kettle, for more energy-savvy solutions. Boiling water taps only heat what is required - cutting electric and water consumption per boil.

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