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            Classic Kitchen Ideas

            From the use of enduring colours to the inclusion of time-honoured materials, classic kitchen ideas focus on ways to make a cooking space remain ageless through the passing trends. Long-stay features that will be functional throughout all stages of life are prioritised to shape an interior that will stand the test of time. Classic kitchen designs also reduce the need to redecorate or renovate at a later point- besides a quick spruce up - offering a safe bet for style-conscious households, as well as an investment for developers and landlords.

            • 1. The original neutral

              Enjoy everlasting style by choosing white, as seen in @_numbersixtysix's home. With countless ways to customise it, this shade will last for many years.  


            • 2. Forever fashionable grey

              Pick a modern classic, like @just_another_house_reno, with soft grey. Its neutral quality makes it a popular choice for interiors, which shows no sign of slowing.
            • 3. Stay true with blue

              An enduring colour choice, blue captures a feeling of calm and tranquillity, making it a mainstay in interiors, just like @1902_edwardianterrace's cooking space.
            • 4. Staple shaker style

              Rely on a kitchen classic with a shaker-style front. Adding character and a time-honoured look, this framed design will be an investment especially for rentals. 
            • 5. Enduring details

              Recreate the look of handcrafted furniture by opting for an in-frame design. The additional border that spans a door-front adds quality and a timeless edge. 
            • 6. Everlasting islands 

              Multifunctional islands are a great classic kitchen idea. The extra storage, seen in @brennans_big_build's design, caters for families now and in the future. 
            • 7. Long-stay surfaces

              Take @my_cheshire_barn's lead when choosing a counter. White surfaces maintain a fresh feel that teams well with many colours and trends over time.
            • 8. Classic curves

              Keep plumbing understated with the refined style of a swan neck tap. The curved design offers a model look that suits a classic scheme.

            • 9. Harmonise handles

              Add perennial materials that age well and can be mixed and matched around a variety of looks, such as classic chrome handgrips. 
            • 10. Walk on wood

              Inject warmth and character to a cooking space with the eternal style of a wooden floor, and watch on with pleasure as it inevitably improves with age.

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