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            Backboard Ideas

            From trend-led tones to luxe-styled laminate, these backboard ideas offer creative ways to add a decorative touch to walls in a cooking space, whether planning a brand-new remodel or looking to breathe new life into an existing interior. Showcasing some of the best schemes from real homes and borders that are proving popular among homeowners, these kitchen surface ideas will get you on the right track to reinvent a room with wall coverings.

            Top 10 backboard designs

            • 1. Metro-style made simple

              Get the metro tile look for less by switching to laminate. This budget backboard idea will recreate this popular border without the added cost. 
            • 2. Be savvy with solid surfaces

              Go for compact laminate as a good alternative to solid stone borders. Its solid core is equally hardwearing and resistant to water.
            • 3. Steal the way with grey

              Breathe new life into a space by adding grey coverings to your walls. This popular shade is here to stay making it a safe bet for tired designs or rentals. 
            • 4. Try out timber texture

              Introduce elements from the great outdoors with oak-effect borders. It will add warmth and character to a room in an understated way.
            • 5. Open up to white

              Play it safe with white borders when space is at a premium. This backboard idea for smaller rooms will make the area appear open due to the pale hue. 
            • 6. Sink into inky tones

              Create a dramatic look in your cooking space by choosing black for your wall panels. Besides making a bold statement, it will show fewer marks too. 
            • 7. Choose clean-easy gloss

              For a clean-friendly covering that will save time on chores, opt for a gloss finish. The high-shine surface is easy to wipe down without elbow grease.
            • 8. Try a textured touch

              When it comes to achieving a luxury backboard idea then a textured surface is the way to go. Mix and match materials for maximum impact.
            • 9. Lead with longer lengths

              Select longer lengths for your borders to create a premium look. This modern backboard idea will also lead the eye through a room for a spacious effect.
            • 10. Prepare for heat

              Protect a decorative border from wear and tear by fixing a backsplash around cooking areas. Resistant to high temperatures, these panels will take the heat.
            • 11. Create a colour pop

              Bright shades are making a comeback and borders offer a quick fix to introduce a splash of colour without remodelling. Go for acrylic to keep the look crisp. 

            • 12. Go for a pro setup

              For homes with budding chefs, consider metal panels. As the primary choice among professionals, they are known to be hardwearing and easy to clean. 

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