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            Kitchen Trends for 2022

            Balancing fashion and function, boutique styling, and flexible working – these are just some of the kitchen trends for 2022 that will shape our homes. Whether it is enriching an existing space, getting ahead for a full remodel, or trying out an entirely new look, these trend tips will pave the way for a trailblazing 2022 kitchen design. Inspired by how we live today and encompassing a renewed passion for colour to the return of home entertaining, these in-style ideas will define interiors for the next 12 months.

            • 1. New-wave neutrals

              Neutrals will remain popular within our interiors as they evolve into warmer hues. Shades of pebble and sandstone will make a room feel more open while adding a cosy hygge effect. 
            • 2. Colour resurgence

              Bold tones will enjoy a renaissance too, as we choose shades that enhance wellbeing in the home. Draw on nature for inspiration with blue and greens embracing the positive power of colour. 
            • 3. Tap into texture

              To recreate the sensory experience of boutique hotels, tactile finishes will become the cornerstone for luxurious style. Look beyond counters and to cupboards for this textured aesthetic. 
            • 4. Build in bespoke

              A newfound desire for homes to reflect our personality means custom features have risen in prominence. Embrace a one-of-a-kind living space by choosing an in-frame design.
            • 5. Celebratory spaces

              A renewed emphasis on connection and community will influence kitchen layouts for 2022. Make space for socialising with an island, that will become the centrepiece for celebrations.
            • 6. Flexi fashion

              More time at home has made us reassess our relationship between lifestyle and layout. Products that adapt a floor plan, like room dividers, will become essential for flexible living. 
            • 7. Space for supplies 

              An increase in home cooking combined with disrupted supply chains has prompted us to store more food than before. Introduce larger cupboards to create space to stock up on supplies.
            • 8. Access for all ages

              After world events kept loved ones apart, many families now live together under one roof. In a multigenerational home, clever storage will improve accessibility for all stages of life.
            • 9. Staying sustainable

              Climate concerns have focussed attention on how our lifestyle impacts the environment. Switch to greener alternatives, such as vinyl floors for an eco-conscious design.
            • 10. Super chef setup

              Home is now our favourite restaurant after venue closures led us to dust off our recipe books. For new or budding chefs, go for top-notch tech to level up homemade dishes.
            • 11. Splash out on signature pieces

              As austerity eases across the nation, many of us are switching to premium items, to bring that luxe look into the home. Quartz counters are the go-to as they are both high-end and hardwearing. 
            • 12. Maximise mix and match

              The trend for layering shows no sign of slowing and now includes accessories too. Select handgrips from our curated collections to achieve a coordinated look with different shapes and sizes. 

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