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            Bedroom Door Ideas

            These bedroom door ideas show how different doorways can transform the look of a room, so a boudoir becomes a restful and clutter-free retreat to retire to. Including practical solutions that make space more valuable, mirrored options that maximise light, and sliding fixtures that tuck clothes out of sight, these door ideas for bedrooms will help refine a home decor.

            • 1. Flip to fitted

              Opt for our fitted bedrooms, with variable configurations that can be adapted to suit any layout and a choice of on-trend styles and colours.
            • 2. Maximise small spaces

              For a small bedroom door idea that maximises storage, add a sliding wardrobe door,  like @homeattwentytwo's. This will keep a room clean and less crowded.
            • 3. Switch up handgrips 

              Replace fixings for a quick and low-cost update to bedroom doors. Opt for colours that match other areas for a consistent flow from room to room.
            • 4. Fold it away

              Bi-fold fittings are a great alternative to sliding doorways, offering a space-saving solution for closets. They are also easy to retrofit by a trade professional.
            • 5. Add in oak

              Warm woods are a timeless addition to bedrooms adding a cosy atmosphere. @troddielove has embraced timber models to extend a natural interior. 
            • 6. Go neutral

              Grey is a firm favourite for tranquil schemes, thanks to its cool palette that creates a calming effect. Add this shade to built-in wardrobes for a laid-back look.
            • 7. Enhance en-suites

              Use a sliding track when space is limited, like @pebblescottagereno's en-suite. This will prevent a door from opening into a room, increasing floor space. 
            • 8. Create contrast

              Deep colours are a stylish way to create a blackout effect in bedrooms. By day, white doorways can brighten darker decors for dramatic contrast. 
            • 9. Build in bespoke 

              Build bespoke storage with our wardrobe accessories. Featuring tracks and internal fixtures, they tailor a space to meet the specific needs of a home.

            • 10. Modernise with mirrors

              Mirrored panels bounce light around a room, making them excellent in bedrooms with limited natural light. They can also double up as a place to get dressed.

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