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            Utility Room Storage Ideas

            Whether you have a compact room or a larger space to work with, utility room storage ideas offer new ways to plan and organise your laundry room for a functional and clutter-free environment. From smart under-sink storage to plinth drawers that pack in extra room for bits and bobs, explore this utility room inspiration from our designers and real homes will help you plan a practical interior. 

            • 1. Give into grey

              Follow @lustliving’s lead with this utility storage idea. Using grey cabinetry, she tucks equipment from view while the tone shows fewer scuffs and marks over time. 
            • 2. Take on towers

              With more space comes more storage potential. @228renovate has packed in tower units, which offers a stylish solution to housing anything from extra appliances to cleaning products.
            • 3. Create a cleaning caddy

              Design like cleaning guru, Mrs Hinch by adding dedicated under-sink storage that will keep washing supplies in one place in a utility room – great for daily speed cleans or deep soaks.
            • 4. Get in with integrated bins

              Improve the aesthetic of your utility space with integrated bins. Providing visual respite by keeping rubbish tucked away, they also prevent odours from occupying a room.
            • 5. Drawer in space

              Mix and match your utility storage choices by including drawers alongside larger cupboards. Adding interest to a design, they offer a spot for housing and organising smaller household items. 
            • 6. Pack in with plinths

              Ensure your storage game is on point with plinth drawers. Offering room for smaller miscellaneous items, they make the most of every inch of space in a utility room. 
            • 7. Build a bed for pets

              Pets are part of the family too, which is why they deserve a comfy spot to relax in. With a warm atmosphere, adapting cabinets in a utility room offers a cosy place for pets to unwind away from the action.
            • 8. Add style to storage

              Create a cohesive home interior by including stylish features in a utility room that reflect your personality. Open shelving adds a custom look by showcasing accessories with extra storage. 
            • 9. Create a custom bench

              Acting as a place for laundry, utilities are sometimes used as an entrance or boot room too. Adding a custom bench, like @home_at_edale, will create a place to perch when returning from outdoor jaunts. 
            • 10. Get hooked on hanging

              Go for a farmhouse look, just like @firststepontheladder, who has made the most of utility wall space with a unique hanging area – great for easy access to kitchen scrubbers and brushes. 

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