Tap tails

Fit your taps to the mains water supply using our copper tails or a pair of flexi tails with male and female connectors with non-return valves.

Our copper tails make connecting your tap to the mains supply easy. These are fitted between the hot and cold copper pipe tails and the compression fittings. These can be combined with the appropriate flow restrictors to limit the amount of water you use.

Our stainless-steel flexi tails come with male and female connectors and include non-return valves. These flexi tails are quick and easy to fit and your tap will soon be connected to the mains water supply, so you can start using it straight away.


  • Easy to fit plumbing connectors for taps
  • Supplied in pairs

Copper tails

M10 x 245mm TAP0050

M12 x 245mm TAP0051

Flexi tails

M10 x 365mm (including NRV and male and female connectors) TAP0052

M10 x 365mm (including NRV) TAP0053

M12 x 250mm (including female connector) TAP0054

M12 x 245mm (including NRV) TAP0055