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            Laundry appliances make easy work of household chores by cleaning and drying clothes quickly - saving time that can be otherwise spent on hobbies or with the family. When choosing a device to suit a home, drum capacity is an important feature to consider as this will determine how much laundry can be washed per load. A variety of sizes are available, with compact options for couples, rented premises or where space is limited. Larger drums will cater for bigger households and in commercial premises, like hairdressers or restaurants. Many devices include smart features to simplify laundry tasks, such as speed cleaning and drying functions, economy settings to save on household bills, and timers to help take advantage of cheaper energy tariffs. A large number can be fitted behind cupboards to create a seamless fit - reducing visual clutter within a room and keeping laundry out of sight. All laundry appliances include at least a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer, or two years for exclusive products.

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